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With Winter Coming, Be Sure Your Workplace Is Snow-Proofed

Did you know that in 2013, slips and falls accounted for almost one-third of workers’ comp claims in the Midwest? This was nearly double the number of claims of the previous year. If you are a business owner and live in a snowy climate, you should talk to a workers’ comp MGA to make sure you have adequate coverage.

It’s something few people think about until it happens. Yet ice- and snow-related slips and falls have a significant impact on U.S. businesses, resulting in time lost from work and all the inconveniences and expenses that go along with that, including temporary employee costs, overtime costs, and higher insurance premiums.

While weather-related accidents may not be 100% preventable, employers can take steps to minimize them. These steps include:

  • Reinforcement of common sense precautions to take in the wintertime (for example, walk slowly, wear proper footwear, be mindful about wet floors, and be careful getting in and out of your vehicle).
  • Implementing an employee safety campaign specifically for weather-related hazards.
  • Setting up warnings and barriers in potentially slippery areas.
  • Having a weather preparedness program.
  • Keeping walkways free of ice and snow.

Many insurers also provide education and training about slip and fall injuries. For more information, talk to a workers’ comp MGA.