Music Venue Sound

Why You Should Turn Down the Music Venue Sound

For both performers and the audience members, the driving beat of a loud song can rock you to your core. Those high decibels that send the rhythm through you, however, can also impact your hearing and lead to permanent damage, according to That ringing sound you hear long after the show is over is not a good souvenir of a performance, and music venues should recognize that louder does not equal better for the safety of patrons, bands, and the staff that works there.

It’s All About Balance

Volume has traditionally been what pumps up the crowd and gets them up on their feet, but too much can distort the quality of the sound. Whether the performer works with a live audio engineer or the venue has one on staff, it’s important to keep the sound at a level that improves the music quality for everyone.

Know Your Crowd

Another thing to keep in mind when adjusting music venue sound is understanding the expectations of the audience. Is your venue a restaurant that offers live music on the weekends or a music hall that offers live performances most nights of the week? Not every venue needs to max out the volume for every performance.

Whatever decision you do make about your music venue sound, you should focus on the comfort and safety of everyone in your facility. That may mean taking it down a notch to prevent any sensory damage that can occur over time.

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