Why Wedding Photographers Need Errors and Omissions Insurance

As a wedding photographer you get to witness the happiest of celebrations. Unfortunately, creating a perfect documentation of the day can come with setbacks. Here are a few reasons why getting an errors and omissions insurance quote can protect your business.

Improper Execution

Despite your best efforts, it is possible to believe you are on the same page as a client regarding preferred style, only to find out after the event that they had something completely different in mind. Since imagery is subjective, you face the risk of a claim that you did not fulfill the service in the manner in which it was promised. This can also include mistakes due to carelessness or negligence from yourself, part of your staff, or a contractor, such as overexposure or poor use of lighting or focus.

Missed Image

There may be an image that your client specifically requested, only for you to realize later that you had missed the moment while photographing another segment of the celebration. Verify that your errors and omissions insurance quote covers cases of missed images.

Inability to Fulfill Service

Whether you are stricken with pneumonia, get rear ended on the way to the event, or experience a theft of property, there are numerous reasons why you may be unable to fulfill the service for which you were hired. Coverage will ensure that one unfortunate situation does not put you out of business.

No matter how good you are at your job, there will be unknowns and unhappy clients from time to time. Get an errors and omissions insurance quote to make sure you are protected.