You have a beautiful fine art collection that you cannot wait to show off to your family and friends. While pleasing to the senses, managing fine art can sometimes be difficult. What happens if it gets stolen? Maybe a guest visiting your collection accidentally damages something.

Protecting your precious collection is of the utmost importance. That is why it is important to know a little bit about why insuring fine art is important.

Not All Insurance Covers Fine Art

Do not just assume your homeowner’s policy will cover fine art. Check carefully for any exclusions. Sometimes, items as valuable as fine art are not covered. 

Say your homeowner’s policy includes these items. You still may not receive adequate monetary compensation for any lost or damaged fine art. 

You Can Find Adequate Coverage for Your Collection

Working with a separate fine art insurance company can help you find adequate coverage for your collection. A broker may know the specificities of your collection. This can help them create a policy that covers any damages.

Making sure you have proper insurance can help give you some peace of mind. While you are hopefully showing off your fine art for years to come, insurance can help if something goes wrong.

By Roy