After an injury on the job, an individual could have to navigate a lot of challenges. Uncertainty about what lies ahead, concerns about fault, and issues involving employee benefits may prompt an injured worker to seek out legal counsel.

Employment and Benefits

One reason why injured workers get attorneys is that they are fearful about their employment. Counsel can advise clients if employers lawfully terminate their position.

Medical Leave

Some situations entitle a worker to mandatory medical leave. If an employer refuses a leave, a worker could have a cause of action.

Reasonable Accommodation

An injury that results in a long-term disability could impact a worker’s ability to carry out his or her job duties. A lawyer can help people who are no longer able to perform job tasks in the same manner formally request a reasonable accommodation.


If an employers’ negligence resulted in an accident that caused an injury, the injured employee may be able to pursue a legal remedy beyond workers’ compensation benefits. Damages could include lost wages and lost earning capacity.

Ultimately, injured workers who seek counsel do not necessarily intend to sue their employer. They may wish to simply learn about their legal rights and take necessary steps to protect them. 

By Roy