Why Car Collector Insurance Matters

Why Car Collector Insurance Matters

Whether you have an antique ford or a modern muscle car, collectable vehicles face a number of different risks and need to be insured. Car collector insurance is a great way to protect your investment and keep your collection intact.

Universal Risks

Regular cars face all sorts of potential risks, ranging from accidental collisions to bad weather. If one vehicle strikes another, the driver at fault is responsible for paying the costs of the accident, but if another vehicle strikes you and the driver is not properly insured you might be left with the bill anyway. Disasters such as fire, hail, deer strikes, and falling tree branches can cause serious damage to a vehicle; even more serious problems can be caused by crimes like theft and vandalism.

Collectable Problems

With collectable cars, the dangers can be even higher, since they are often difficult to repair and impossible to replace, and may lose their value if they are cared for incorrectly. Their distinctiveness also makes them prime targets for crime, and many older vehicles can have safety issues.

Insurance Solutions

From antique motorcycles to original VW buses, collectable car coverage can help reduce the financial damage caused by accidents or other disasters. This helps to protect the collection and ensure peace of mind. In many cases, insurance might even be required by law. Car collector insurance is absolutely essential to protect specialty vehicles.