Malpractice insurance for attorneys

What You Need To Know About Professional Liability Insurance for Attorneys

Due to the handling of confidential information of clients and the risk of damage to the records of those files, many lawyers require specialty insurance to handle any associated claims. Malpractice insurance for attorneys is a form of professional liability insurance that covers risks faced by legal professionals and law firms.

How Are Attorneys Covered by Malpractice Insurance?

Although most states don’t require an attorney to have malpractice insurance, they may require the coverage to protect themselves from a wide range of issues relating to their practice. The following types of risks or allegation claims may be covered by this type of insurance.

  • Negligence
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Fraud-Criminal Acts
  • Privacy Invasion
  • Defamation

Any fees for legal services or court costs that arise from claims may be covered by this insurance as long as it fits within the policy guidelines.

Do You Need a Business Owner’s Policy Also?

Malpractice insurance for attorneys is often acquired in addition to a business owner’s policy due to fact that clients are often met and dealt with on the premises of the law firm. This means that important documents, office contents and any other property may be at risk of becoming damaged or clients may become injured as well. Here are the common coverages offered by a business owner’s policy.

  • General Liability
  • Client injuries on the property, libel or slander
  • Commercial Property Damage
  • All office contents, furniture or equipment damage
  • Business Income
  • Any interruptions to business income caused by property damage