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What To Do if You Want to Break Your Lease

If that perfect apartment doesn’t seem so perfect anymore, you may be wishing that breaking a lease agreement in CT was possible. According to, it is. Check out these reasons you may be able to break your lease with or without penalty.

The Property Is Uninhabitable

If a natural disaster has damaged the property beyond being livable, or if your landlord isn’t keeping up with necessary major repairs, you may be able to end your lease. To be considered livable, tenants must have running water, trash pickup, electricity, and other items related to local, state, and federal health and safety codes.

You Are an Active-Duty Military Member

If you are a member of the military on active duty, you have protections under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. If you receive notice of deployment and will be gone for at least 90 days, you can provide your landlord with a written notice 30 days in advance. Include proof of deployment as well.

Remember, regardless of why you want to break a lease, being honest with the landlord and following the guidelines will help to keep you from paying fines. If you break the lease without warning, your landlord may sue you for rent owed or put an official eviction on your record.

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