Retirement Homes Insurance for Agents

What is Covered Under Retirement Home Insurance?

Owning and operating a retirement home, especially one that houses residents who are able to care for themselves independently, requires a lot of planning and preparation, especially when it comes to insurance. The risks involved can be numerous, and many people wonder what exactly retirement homes insurance for agents cover. Read on to find out more about the coverage you can expect from a basic plan.

General Liability

As with any business, a retirement community needs general liability coverage in order to continue to function properly should an incident occur. Through most insurance programs, you can expect to pay for coverage for your property, automobiles and any other items that would fall under the general liability umbrella.

Employee Benefits Liability

If you manage multiple employees, you want to make sure that their benefits are safe. You value good workers, and your employees trust that you will do what you can to provide them with a solid work environment. With employee benefits liability, the benefits that your employees earn while working for you are protected.

Professional Liability

As a professional, it is important to keep your certifications covered with the right insurance plans. Retirement homes insurance for agents is necessary if you want to continue to keep your retirement community up and running, despite any accidents.

Make sure to invest in the right insurance plans for your particular need, and research about the coverages offered before making any commitments.


photo credit: Tom Walsh – Retirement park,Building 9, 1521 Golden Rain Road, Seal Beach, Los Angeles. early 1960s? (license)