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What Every Orlando Homeowner Should Know About Sinkholes

Sinkholes are more common in the Orlando area than you may realize. While large, sudden sinkholes are widely reported in the media, many are not newsworthy. A sinkhole can be small enough to go unnoticed if it does not occur near a building or pavement. Many collapse so slowly that they are repaired before they become large nuisances. You should check your homeowners insurance for coverage and your property for signs of sinkholes.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

Florida has more sinkholes than any other state in the country. They are a collapse in an underground limestone formation commonly found in the state. Fortunately, very few collapses cause serious property damage. Some insurance companies in Orlando have special coverage to address loss related to sinkholes, so it is important to talk to an insurance agent about your property.

Check Your Property

Look for depressions in the ground after period of rainy days. Any depressed areas where the water drains away less thoroughly after each period of rain may be signs of a sinkhole. Also check for cracks in your foundation or slumping fences and trees.

Owning a Home With Sinkholes

Many insurance companies in Orlando can not only determine the best coverage for your home, but also put you in contact with assistance if you see signs of a sinkhole. Ask your agency for help contacting an engineer if you suspect you have a sinkhole. Remember that most sinkholes are harmless and do not damage homes, but there is help available if you need it.