yacht club insurance

What Does Yacht Club Coverage Offer?

Having boat insurance is standard for anyone who owns a motorboat and likes to take it out. So what makes yacht club insurance different and why is it necessary? It can protect both the establishment, customer, and even employees.

Protection For the Property

Damages can occur in any type of marine environment. Having insurance protection for a yacht club involves both real and personal property, docks among the property, and business income. In the event the yacht club gets sued, these assets, among several others, are protected through the insurance.

Employee Protection

Because employees can face injuries and other problems common within a marine environment, it’s necessary to have coverage if they get into an accident while working. Standard insurance manages both worker’s compensation and the United States Long shore and Harbor Workers Act. This is necessary since other types of insurance for a business won’t include these provisions.

Protection Against Liability

Liability protection for yacht club insurance includes general liability, marina operators legal liability, and ship repairers legal liability. All of these involve work on boats that could occur, keeping the yacht club protected against anything that happens on their property.

Specific insurance that caters to a yacht club is necessary to protect everyone who goes there. This includes employees and workers, as well as customers. Having proper protection keeps the club safe for everyone regardless of how long they’ve been a member, and helps to maintain business income.