Day after day, officers hit the streets to patrol, handle distress calls, and serve their communities. Some of these officers have a very special partner – a K9 companion that is trained in police work just as thoroughly as the people at the police department.

But what do these dogs and their partners actually do? Why would an officer want to have a K9 partner at all? Read on for a brief explanation of K-9 Handlers and their trusty working canines.

Detection of Substances

Some of these police dogs, which are often Belgian Malinois in breed, are specially trained to detect certain substances that a human may not be able to detect. These can include drugs of all kinds as well as contraband such as explosives.

Offering Protection

K9 officer companions are trained to protect not only their handlers but citizens of the community as well. They learn special biting techniques to take down suspects without causing serious injury. If you see a police officer with a K9 partner, just know that the dog is there to keep you safe as well as to protect the officer.

Officers with K9 partners both live and work with their dogs. This helps to form a special bond that can mean the difference between life and death should a situation escalate into danger.

By Roy