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What Coverage Options Are Available For Manufacturers?

Are you looking for manufacturer insurance coverage? The type of coverage you get will depend on what you’re manufacturing and how your company is structured. Here are some of the more popular coverage options.

Start With General Liability

There are two primary coverages under general liability insurance: bodily injury and property damage. With bodily injury, your business is covered in case one of your employees causes injury or death of a third party while performing business activities. With property damage insurance, your business is covered in the event one of your employees damages your property or that of one of your customers.

If your business is currently in operation and you don’t liability coverage, be sure to sign up for a policy as soon as possible.

Cover Your Employees

Get protection for your business and employees with workers compensation insurance. Even if your state does not require works compensation coverage, you should sign up for it anyway. You don’t want to lose your entire business due to an employee lawsuit.

Protect Your Property

Get commercial property insurance to cover any physical business assets such as buildings, furniture or equipment. This type of insurance will cover your property in case of theft, data loss, property damage.

If your business is already operating, then it’s best to move quickly so that you can start your manufacturer insurance as soon as possible.

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