Boat Theft

Ways You Can Prevent Boat Theft

Protecting your property can be challenging. This proves even truer when it comes to keeping vessels like boats safe. While you can’t control everything, there are several steps that you can take in order to keep your investment safe from predators. By following these simple suggestions, you will have a much easier time sleeping at night and feeling as if your boat is out of harm’s way.

Protect Your Investment

As with any type of vehicular crimes, encouraging boat theft safety comes down to common sense. If you leave expensive items on your boat, for example, you are exponentially increasing the odds that someone will try to steal what you’ve got. This entices criminals, especially those just passing by and taking note of what every boat in a marina has on board. The  marina where you leave your boat is also going to be a huge factor in whether or not your boat is safe. Research your options in advance to feel comfortable with where you leave your boat. Also consider:

  • Who you bring onboard and what information you disclose
  • The type of insurance coverage you take out
  • How you secure your boat while it is docked

Put in the Effort

Taking the right precautionary steps can make a world of difference with boat safety. Deter thieves and other criminals by putting time and research into developing a strategy to keep your boat protected.

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