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Water Contaminants To Watch Out For

Water contaminants are one of the main reasons companies in the industry often seek out top-notch water treatment coverage. As per www.watercolormanagement.com, two of the more hazardous ones to watch out for are mold and Legionella. Here are a few important facts about these potentially disastrous water contaminants.

  1. Mold

You are putting everyone at risk if your water treatment company has a mold issue. Mold is a living thing; it needs water, air, and some kind of food source in order to survive. The apparatuses in water treatment companies often have or are near all three, so it is important to be mindful of the spread of this harmful substance. Consuming water that has traces of mold in it can cause acute sickness, particularity to people with allergies or respiratory issues. What’s more, most mold spores live in the air, which facilitates the spreading of this contaminant.

  1. Legionella

Legionella is even more dangerous than mold, for it can cause Legionnaires’ disease. This is an aggressive form of pneumonia that can prove fatal in some cases. Much like mold, Legionella also spreads through the air. Those who contract this disease do so by inhaling microscopic contaminated water droplets.

Mold and Legionella issues are best dealt with before they happen. Water treatment companies that are proactive with their cleanliness and safe practices rarely face these issues because their operation is safe from top to bottom. This minimizes the likelihood that these water contaminants can take root in the first place, thus eliminating future headaches for you and your business.

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