Uniform rental insurance

Vital Insurance Policies for Uniform Rental Companies

In multi-stage customer service industries such as uniform rentals, it is important that all goods, equipment, employees, and customers are covered in case of negligence, fraud, theft, or disaster. Uniform rental insurance should include comprehensive policies to protect the business and its clients against harm and loss.

Articles in Transit

One important insurance coverage option for uniform rental companies is articles in transit protection. Clients pay to have a set of products transported and delivered to their site in a particular condition. If the articles are damaged in transit, the client may have rights to make claims against the business.

Mysterious Disappearance

Uniform rental insurance can also provide coverage if garments go missing due to unproved theft or innocent loss. Whether an employee misplaces articles assigned for rent or a client cannot find a set of rented garments, rental companies should be protected against this potential for financial loss.

Workers Compensation

The variety of tasks in the uniform rental business means there is a wide-range of risks that employees may be exposed to. These can include hazardous toxins, machinery injury, and auto accidents while in transit. Proper insurance can support workers when accidents happen on-the-job.

There are several unique characteristics of the uniform rental industry which make comprehensive insurance necessary. Choose a uniform rental insurance policy that protects all of the vital needs for your company.

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