vegan business insurance

Vegan Food Festivals Need Insurance Like Any Other Business

Maybe you already have a vegan restaurant and decide to branch out and host a vegan food festival. Or maybe you decided to start with the festival as a fun way to introduce new people to the concept. Either way, you need to invest in vegan business insurance, and maybe in more areas than you realized.

You are going to have a lot of people coming through your event, and that means more chance of people getting injured, among other potential issues. It’s a good idea to talk with someone who knows the industry well and can advise you about the type of coverage you may need such as:

General Liability

This protects you in case someone is injured at your event or if property is stolen. Figuring out the amount you need can be tricky, and requires a thorough knowledge of indoor and outdoor events.

Event Cancellation

If you have to cancel or move your event, there will be expenses that you have not planned on.

Liquor Liability

If beer and wine are being sold, this can understandably cause more incidences as patrons become inebriated.

Worker’s Compensation

All your employees need to be protected in the case of injury or accident on the job.

Commercial Auto Coverage

If you will be transporting items to and from the event, you will need this type of policy as well.

There are a lot of things to consider when putting on a food festival of any kind. It’s good business to focus on what you know and do well, and talk over your insurance needs with a vegan business insurance representative.