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Understanding DB Insurance

The transportation industry faces unique challenges. Today, more than ever, it is critical for owners of transportation companies to find insurance coverage at competitive prices and that meets all the needs of their business. When owners consider what is DB Insurance, they will discover that this insurance carrier is committed to its market and clients.

Riskier Environment

Accidents on the road are unfortunately a reality truck drivers and transportation companies will always face. However, the roads are more crowded today, and drivers face more distractions than ever before. To protect your organization, you need protection as you’ll find at American Team Managers.

Appealing Offerings

DB Insurance is an A-XIV-rated carrier with a full range of coverage and benefits. The insurance provider offers Auto Liability, General Liability, and Physical Damage coverage. Coverage extension is also available for physical damage. In this claim, the plan would take care of 100% of the towing and storage costs.

Get on Board

To take advantage of this insurance plan for your trucking company, simply fill out an application with ATM. The insurance is specifically intended for trucking for hire operations and intermodal containerized freight haulers. Though the coverage is for trucking companies in California, it will also protect operations in 12 other Western U.S. states.

To help your trucking business thrive, you need reliable insurance. DB Insurance will help safeguard your interests.

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