Two Ways to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance

Two Ways to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance

Car insurance is required by law, but that doesn’t mean that you have to get the most expensive coverage out there. You actually have a lot of control over how much your insurance costs. You can get ensure you get the cheapest car insurance possible by being a smart insurance customer and keeping the two following rules in mind.

Keep Claim Frequency Low

Keeping claim frequency low means not filing claims too often. Your rates are more affected by frequency than by the amount of claims you file. So, even if you get into an accident and must file a claim, your insurance may end up being cheaper than if you are filing small claims every month.

Never Have a Lack In Coverage

When you are getting a rate quote, the insurance company will check to see if you have had any gaps in coverage. This could indicate things like you didn’t pay your premiums, you cancelled a policy early or you couldn’t find a company to offer you coverage. Usually a gap in coverage indicates a problem and marks you as a higher risk, resulting in higher rates.

Remember the insurance requirements under the law do not say that you have to pay a huge amount to be legal. Getting the cheapest car insurance is a matter of being a good insurance customer.