Tow Truck Liability Coverage Considerations

Operating a tow truck business involves distinct liability considerations for owners. To protect your business from liability, it’s important to do more than operate your trucks safely. It’s important to continually review your operational procedures and how you can minimize your risk exposure. In particular, it’s imperative to verify that your current insurance coverage line addresses all of your business’ liability exposure concerns.

According to, there are several key policy components of tow truck liability beyond just general liability and auto insurance. Tow operators need to consider integrating these important endorsements:

  • Medical payments that will pay for cover third parties’ medical expenses resulting from accidents
  • On-Hook towing coverage that can reimburse vehicle owners for damage that their vehicles sustained while being towed
  • Physical damage coverage that will help with the expense of repairing or replacing a tow truck that is damaged in an accident
  • Garagekeepers legal liability coverage that will address costs for damage that occurs to a vehicle while your company is storing it

The best way to get more information about what endorsements would benefit your tow truck business is to talk to an agent who specifically serves this particular industry. Together, you can evaluate your operational risk and determine the right coverage levels based on factors like your business’ volume, location, and prior claims.

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