Truck Cargo Insurance

Top 3 Risks to Cargo in Transport

To deliver your cargo safely to its destination is your main goal. Any lost or damaged freight, according to Western Truck Insurance, is the transporter’s responsibility. Because anything can happen on the road, without protection, you could lose money and reputation. Cargo liability insurance companies protect you against the three most common risks to cargo.


You may do everything that you can to prevent theft. Still, there are risks and if a criminal makes off with any part of your cargo, what can you do? With insurance, you can pay for any losses that you suffer.


What happens if cargo is damaged, but you’re blamed for it? You can still seek coverage. If the cargo gets knocked around in the truck or if you accidentally handle it too roughly, it could end up suffering damage that you’re responsible for.


The climate and humidity can affect your cargo. Even when you do your best to keep the cargo in a temperature-controlled area, you cannot always handle the heat or humidity that might affect your shipment.

When delivering cargo, you need peace of mind for the situations that you cannot control. Insurance provides you with the means to pay for any loss of cargo lost for a number of different reasons.

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