Top 3 Reasons You Need Staffing Insurance

As a staffing agency, you help to recruit and match temporary employees with your clients on a daily basis. Although you have full confidence in your pool of applicants, any problem that occurs, either to them or because of them, becomes your responsibility, so you need adequate coverage.

You Are Liable for Financial Losses to Your Clients

If something went wrong in the placement of a temporary worker, including financial loss due to the services performed by the temporary or contract workers, you could be at risk of a lawsuit by the client. Staffing insurance can provide you with professional liability insurance, including errors and omissions, to protect you in the case of any legal action.

You Are Responsible for Your Employees

Although the workers you place may work offsite, they remain employees of your company. Therefore, you are the one responsible for their health and safety, including providing workers’ compensation in the event of injury or illness.

Special Needs for Your Workers

Temporary and contract workers have different needs than permanent employees, including the type and amount of liability and protection coverage they need. Therefore, as an employment agency you want to have staffing insurance that covers you for the nuances of the type of company you run.

Over 2.87 million workers are currently employed by staffing agencies, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and that number is expected to continue to rise in the near future. You want to be sure you are adequately covered in case of any problem.