Roanoke Carnet

Things to Remember When Using Your Carnet

The first time you use a Roanoke Carnet, it can be intimidating. Once you’ve gone through it once or twice, it gets easier but there are still things that you can easily forget. Here is a checklist to make sure that you’re ready to go through customs with your goods.

  • Apply for your Carnet, the Carnet bond, and the insurance that covers your shipment
  • Give yourself enough time to get the documents
  • Make sure you have a detailed list of your shipment, including the volume, count, model numbers, and country of origin. More documentation is always better than not enough.
  • Check with your carriers to make sure they work with your Carnet and know how to handle it. Some carriers won’t take a Carnet.
  • Your Carnet works personal and commercial travel, even if you’re hand carrying your items. But it does need to be stamped by the U.S Customs & Border Protection to be validated.
  • After using the Carnet, return it to the service team to close it out.
  • Understand your Carnet by reading the inside of the protective cover. Know that you are responsible if your Carnet is misused.

If you have questions about your Roanoke Carnet, talk to your service team before using it. It’s always better to be prepared and make sure that you are following the rules than to get fined by customs when you close out your Carnet.