Theft Prevention and Orlando Fl Boat Insurance


Orlando FL boat insurance

Personal watercrafts are great for the person or family that loves cruising the high seas. Whether you enjoy trips to exotic places, tooling around a bay or harbor, fishing, or just relaxing and enjoying the beauty that comes with sailing or motoring along the oceans and waterways, there are no other experiences quite like being on a boat.


But once the boat is moored and everyone has gone home for the day, how well is the vessel protected from theft or vandalism? This highlights one very important reason for purchasing an Orlando FL boat insurance policy. It is certainly an important aspect of protecting some very valuable property, especially if it ends up being stolen. But before that even occurs, there are several important boat theft prevention tips that can be implemented in order to reduce the risk of a boat being stolen or burglarized.


Proper storage of boats with trailers


  • Whenever possible, store the boat and trailer in a secure garage or storage structure


  • Secure the boat and trailer with a heavy-duty chain and lock to a permanent object, like a concrete wall or floor


  • Use tongue locks, or put wheel locks on the trailer’s wheels


  • Remove one trailer wheel and store in a safe, secure place to make stealing more difficult and less appealing


Storing boats without trailers


  • Always store the boat in a secure, well-lit area


  • Install hatch locks, and put dowels in the boat’s windows to prevent opening


  • Install an alternate (hidden) power switch


  • For outboard motors, install an outboard motor lock when in storage


Other precautions that are noteworthy


Many boat owners use a davit (a crane that projects over the side of a ship or a hatchway and is used especially for boats) for storage. If using davits, keep the main power turned off, and the control box locked and secure. Another good idea is to install a GPS locator for the boat. Some GPS devices will notify the owner if their boat moves beyond a defined range, and will make it easy to track the vessel’s latitude/longitude, speed, heading and distance to the nearest city.


Purchasing and installing an alarm system is always a great deterrent and can also provide discounts on many Orlando FL boat insurance policies. Having photographs or videotape of the interior and exterior of the boat, as well as all installed equipment and additional gear will aid the owner when making out a report of any damage and lost and stolen articles. Store the photographs or footage in a safe place, and never on the vessel.