The Importance of Understanding Your Auto Insurance

The Importance of Understanding Your Auto Insurance

There is no doubt that informed drivers make good drivers. The same is true when it comes to auto insurance. The more you understand about your policy, the better an insurance holder and responsible car owner you will be.

Liability and Coverage

Two major terms you will come across in your hunt for car insurance are liability and coverage. While liability protects others from bodily or property damage from your vehicle, coverage essentially defines exactly what and who is taken care of in case of an incident.

Comprehending What It All Means

An expert licensed insurance agent at one of the many respected car insurance companies in CT can be your guide in figuring out exactly what your policy covers and doesn’t cover. Your best bet in understanding your insurance documents is meeting with your agent and bringing any questions you have to the table. Questions you might want to ask include things like:

  • What are my deductibles in case of an accident?
  • What if someone else is driving my car and something happens?
  • Is there any coverage included if my car is stolen?

These questions are just the beginning. Being open about all your queries is a great start to having a good working relationship with one of the car insurance companies in CT.