The Facts About Working In A Nursing Home

Statistics have shown that working in a nursing home can be just as dangerous as working in construction, coal mining or in a warehouse. At one point, statistics showed that almost 20 out of every 100 nursing home workers were forced to take time off of work because of an injury or an illness suffered on the job, and that statistic was only for the injuries that were reported. One study showed that only one third of the workers who experienced back pain actually reported it while the others used their own sick time to recuperate from their injuries. While every nursing home should have nursing home workers compensation, there are locations that do not.


What’s Going On Inside Nursing Homes?


Many nursing assistants quit their jobs before the end of their first year. A high turnover rate means that the remaining nurses have to work just as hard, which means that their chances of becoming injured increase. If the nursing home doesn’t have the proper equipment required to safely move patients, then the nurses have to do the heavy lifting and are injured as a result. Injuries lead to nursing homes having higher premiums on their nursing home workers compensation policies. Having adequate workers compensation coverage and the proper equipment on hand means that nurses can do their jobs more efficiently and can return to work sooner after they’ve been injured on the job.


If you’re the owner of a nursing home, make sure that both you and your employees are properly covered with the right nursing home workers compensation coverage.