ATA Carnet

The Benefits of an ATA Carnet

An ATA Carnet is effectively a document that makes it easier to get through customs when bringing in certain goods. It is an excellent option if you want to avoid paying taxes on your goods. Generally, your goods will need to be in the country temporarily, so it makes sense why you would want to avoid paying customs if you can manage it.

What Are the Benefits?

A Carnet is a great tool for reentering the United States because it will serve as a registration certificate. Also, you will likely not need to get a TIB (Temporary Import Bond) in order to get into a new country. A Carnet is good to use several times a year, so you can get a ton of use out of it and save a good deal of money.

Who Can Get a Carnet?

There are numerous types of organizations and individuals who can benefit from obtaining a Carnet before entering a foreign country. Here is a small sample of who can utilize this service:

  • Universities
  • Art galleries
  • Bands/musicians
  • Clothing companies
  • T.V. networks
  • Circuses
  • Trade shows

As you can see, an ATA Carnet can come in handy for a variety of situations. You certainly do not want to get caught without one, so if you are expecting to travel or send goods to another country, look into getting one.