insurance marketing strategies

Take Advantage of Proven Insurance Marketing Strategies

Most agents have their own ideas about what works when it comes to insurance marketing strategies. While you may not agree with some of the methods listed in this article, there are likely to be some ideas that you can get behind that will make your campaign much more successful. Always remember that the more time and effort you put into it, the better your chances for enlarging your current client base.


  1. Brand your company vehicle

By having your company vehicle professionally wrapped with your insurance agency logo you’ll help garner recognition of your brand. This can go a long way in helping generate interest about your products and services. If you prefer not to make it a permanent logo, purchase a car magnet that you can place on the car whenever it is in use, or parked in a location with high visibility.


  1. Generate regular press releases

Press releases help to inform the public about things going on with your agency. Whether you’re introducing someone that you recently hired, or advertising the opening of a new location, these are things that you can share with your audience on your website and your social media page. In addition, use a service to publish this information online, and include a link back to your company website using lots of location terms, (like the city you operate out of) to help bolster local search engine optimization.


  1. Volunteer to be a guest speak at local colleges

Holding meetings in various school auditoriums about the insurance services that you specialize in could be a great opportunity for the students studying “life skills”. Having a personal connection with someone high-ranking in the school, especially if they use your services, can help in arranging for you to appear as a guest speaker.


  1. Utilize consumer review websites 

Websites such as can help your cause by allowing you to set up a profile about your agency. Visitors can then write recommendations about your agency and visitors that use these services can use this to determine if they’re interested in learning more about you. Make sure to set up accurate business profiles online for your agency, which is vital to your success. Insurance marketing strategies, done properly, can be a worthwhile way to spark some life into your current sales campaign.