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What Is Liability?

Liability is a term mentioned frequently on television commercials and social media. If you are uncertain about the precise definition of liability, here is a simple explanation. Definition of Liability In its most basic sense, the word liability means the state of being held responsible for something. In accounting terms, liability refers to any money…

Disability Insurance

Having the Right Coverage for Workplace accidents

Keeping workers safe on the job is important. While you should always strive to avoid accidents, having the right coverage is crucial. Here are a few things you should know when it comes to selecting disability insurance for workers and why it is a must-have. Having Disability Coverage Saves Your Company Money Having disability coverage…

Professional Liability

Protecting the Leadership Team from Lawsuits

Although many think that being in management comes with perks and privileges, they often forget about the negatives that come with being a position of responsibility and leadership. One area of concern for those who work in management is the liabilities associated with their decision-making. Even though operating under the authority of the company, there…