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Suggested Coverage for In-Home Care Providers

As a home healthcare provider, you work hard to ensure that patients are safe and well cared for. As reported by Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services, working with people so intimately also exposes you to a lot of risks. Here are some examples of the coverage you may need.


Of course, you will probably want a general liability policy for your business. When you employ people who offer in-home care, however, you may need additional policies:

Sexual abuse or misconduct coverage
HIPAA violations coverage
Occurrence and claims-made malpractice coverage


The healthcare providers you employ will need reliable transportation to get to the homes of their patients. An auto policy protects them in case an accident occurs going to or from an appointment. Crime

If your practice falls victim to a crime, you may need compensation to cover the loss. For example, a privacy breach can make you vulnerable to lawsuits, especially if it results in information theft.


When the workplace is someone else’s private property, the lines of responsibility for accidents on the job can get hazy. A specialized property policy can help to resolve that lack of clarity to make sure you’re covered.
Business owners usually want the best protection for their employees and themselves as they can get. Build an insurance package that targets specific home healthcare risks.

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