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Staffing Industry Injuries Explained

All companies need the advice and support of a good insurance company. While many good agencies and providers are able to help businesses find the right coverage packages for their specific operations, staff insurance requires a trained eye. That’s because, while staffing agencies require many of the same products and services that other types of industries need, there are some subtle and important differences. One such distinction is in the way injuries are handled.

Offsite While at Work

The main difference between staffing agencies and other companies is where the employees work. For example, a dedicated driver for a shipping company might be a considerable distance from the company headquarters for most of their working hours. However, the driver would still be performing key duties using equipment approved directly by the shipper. If there’s an injury, the liability is usually relatively clear. That’s the difference between staffers and other employers. Staffing agencies don’t have the power to approve the equipment their employees use, and they can’t usually inspect the sites or facilities, either.

Staff insurance providers are used to dealing with workers compensation coverage in these challenging situations. Make sure you get someone with experience in the industry to handle your insurance. You want your provider to be more than just a company who issues documents you need to operate legally. Make sure they can also be a source of counsel during difficult situations.

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