Specialty Insurance Available for Your Property

Not all homes are protected with the same coverage. For mobile residences, specialty insurance may be necessary. Here are a few types that can be covered with specialty policies.

Manufactured Homes

A manufactured or mobile home may require specialty insurance, whether it is used seasonally, as a rental, or as a primary residence. This can include a modular home set on private land or in a community park. Insurance companies such as Aegis Security provide protection from theft, fire, and other damages, whether it is occupied at the time or vacant. You may also be eligible for liability insurance to assist in any defense necessary in claims made against you for injuries or property damage by visitors to your property. In addition to your home, insurance can cover structures such as sheds and garages. Coverage can extend to lower valued homes as well as older, maintained properties.

Travel Trailers

When the open road calls to you, do not make the mistake of assuming your travel trailer is covered with your homeowners or auto insurance. In fact, it is likely covered by neither. You can, however, protect yourself with a policy that covers appliances, equipment, accessories, and emergency assistance. During times when you are utilizing the trailer as a residence, personal effects can also be covered with specialty insurance. Make sure your policy includes catastrophes such as flooding, storms, fires, collision, and vandalism.

Take the time to research which policies are best for your particular property. Agencies such as Aegis Security can help you determine which insurance coverage is necessary for ultimate protection.