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Safe Driving Tips for Teen Drivers

Driving is a rite of passage that practically every teenager is excited for. However, inexperience on the road can lead to unsafe driving. Help your teen prepare for their driving by going over these safe driving tips periodically. Doing so may even save you money on their car insurance in Virginia.

Put Down the Technology

Most teenagers have cell phones these days, and it can be all too tempting to check texts while at red lights, or worse, while actively driving. Both practices are extremely dangerous and even illegal in many cities. If possible, have your teenager keep his or her sound turned down to avoid distractions while driving. If he or she absolutely must text or call someone, pulling over into a well-lit parking lot is the safest option.

Don’t Depend on Other Drivers

The scariest part of driving often isn’t the driver’s own skill level but the lack of knowledge regarding the driving skills of others on the road. Your teenager should never assume someone else is paying attention to stop signs, people changing lanes or other hazards on the road. Instead, he or she should plan their driving around the idea that another driver is not paying attention.

Above all else, teach your teenager to pay attention to following distance. He or she should keep about five seconds of time between cars on good weather days and even more when it is raining, foggy or snowing. Doing so will keep your teenager safe and may even get a better rate on car insurance in Virginia.

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