Rock Albums

I am a huge rock music fan and I wanted to share with you guys my favourite rock albums. This is all just my own personal preference and was really hard to just pick three, after much soul searching I am confident this is a list many would agree with.

Appetite For Destruction – Guns n Roses

If I had to just pick one band as my all time favourite then without a doubt it would be Guns n Roses. They are what a rock band in my opinion should sound like. This is my favourite album of there’s and with good reason. Every track on here is worthwhile it could very well be a greatest hits album all by its self. There is zero filler on here. I think the fact that I have listened to this album since I was 9 years old back in 1989 and I still do to this day says just how much staying power it has.

The Number Of The Beast – Iron Maiden

Just picking one Maiden album was going to always be tough, but I had to go with this one mainly due to Run to the Hills. Its always for me between Run to the Hill and Fear of the Dark as to what my favourite Maiden songs are. I have such nostalgic memories of this album. What I love about Iron Maiden is not only how kick ass there songs are, but they also manage to make awesome videos as well. In truth the majority of Maiden albums are great, but if I had to just pick one it would be this. The image of the amazing art work from the album is burned into my brain.

Back In Black – AC DC

This is another band that has had great album after great album. Again a tough choice to narrow it down, but it has to be Back in Black. I know many fans were fiercely loyal to Bon Scott, but I think that Brian Johnsons voice is just as iconic. For me as a kid this was the very first AC DC album I ever heard so maybe that is why I am more of a Johnson than Scott fan. Either way these guys still kick ass and Back in Black is one album that just has hit after hit on it.

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