Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant Insurance Basics

For all the major issues that may befall a restaurant, the basic issues may be taken for granted. Wetness that is tracked in by employees and customers alike can cause other customers or employees to slip and fall. Exhaust equipment may malfunction and cause fire damage. Any major malfunction can spell financial disaster for a smaller restaurant.

Restaurant insurance products can help offset these costs. Many states require restaurants to carry protection to protect the facility, the employees, and customers. The products usually contain basic features common across the board.

What Is Covered?

Restaurant insurance in Tennessee typically features five common protections:

  • Property protection shields from losses due to property deficiencies.
  • General liability tends to act as a catch-all for business insurance.
  • Crime protection provides coverage for losses incurred because of a crime committed against the restaurant.
  • A commercial automobile policy can protect business owners who offer company cars for their employees.
  • An umbrella policy offers additional protection above and beyond basic liability coverage.

More protections may be available as well. These are the basic coverages that are generally offered across the board.

Purchasing an Effective Policy

Restaurant insurance in Tennessee is a valuable tool that can shield eateries from financial liability due to losses. Accidents and losses are bound to happen, so restauranteurs need to protect themselves.

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