Reduce Assisted Living Insurance Risks: Supply Quality Care

Despite the best efforts of the staff and administration, many assisted living facilities have their share of issues when it comes to the care of their residents. There are sometimes complaints about the quality of care, treatment by staff and workers, and occasional grumblings about neglect or abuse. These are real concerns and should be addressed before any situation gets out of hand and a resident, or perhaps a family member, files a lawsuit claiming harm or mistreatment has occurred.

There are steps that can be taken to solve such issues, and assisted living insurance programs are designed to do just that. Weekly meetings to discuss issues can also be very helpful, either with residents, or staff, or both, to try to ease any growing tensions or quell any animosity before things gets seriously out of hand. Below are some tips and resources to help owners and workers deal with these types of situations.

Work on problems within the facility

  •  If a resident is being uncooperative, consider asking a family member for help in resolving the issue
  •  Talk directly to any staff person involved in the issue and document what is said
  •  Speak with staff members who witness any altercations and, again, document the information, and
  •  Find solutions to the issue and, if necessary, take disciplinary action

Whenever a resident has a complaint it should be taken seriously. Include any information about who was involved, what has happened, and when and where it happened. Notify family members immediately and let them know that the issue is being addressed and that once resolved, they would be informed of the outcome.

Most assisted living facilities have resident councils that interact with the administration regarding concerns about life in the facility. This provides a buffer between owners and residents so that issues can be fairly addressed by the council who can help mediate any problems and help in finding accountability, and resolutions to the problem. Lawsuits are obviously a concern, which is why it is best to have comprehensive assisted living insurance programs at all facilities that carry these inherent risks.