CT homeowners insurance

Reasons To Purchase Homeowners Insurance

If you’re about to finalize the purchase of your new home, it’s important to think carefully about your homeowners policy. It’s true that a basic level of homeowners insurance is required by the lender, but you have the option to enroll in comprehensive coverage. When you’re ready to enroll in CT homeowners insurance, consider the following reasons to apply for a high level of coverage.

When you purchase liability coverage as part of your home insurance policy, you’ll be protected in the event that someone sustains an injury while on your property. While you might not think this type of coverage is necessary, it’s helpful to know that you’re covered just in case an accident happens on your property.

Some home insurance policies offer a stipulation to help you pay for temporary housing if your home is damaged during a natural disaster. Without this type of coverage, you’d be left to cover 100 percent of the expenses of staying in a hotel while your home is being repaired. For your peace of mind and financial protection, ask about this type of coverage when you’re ready to purchase CT homeowners insurance. In order to have the best protection possible if disaster strikes, speak to your insurance agent about the different types of policies available.

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