Carnet Insurance

3 Reasons to Insure Your Carnet

A carnet is a valuable document that lets professionals travel freely in more than 90 countries without paying taxes or duties on the equipment they carry. This “virtual passport” for inanimate objects (or even for live animals) allows you to bypass the tedious process of declaring items at international customs. Like every official document, a carnet is worth insuring to prevent loss, damage or fraud. There are many crucial reasons to carry carnet insurance. Here are three of the most important ones.

  1. Travel Can Be Complicated
    Even if business runs smoothly at home, many things can go wrong when a company goes on the road. Unreliable airlines, ferries, transport companies and other risk factors can result in unforeseen complications. You may become separated from your valuable documents, leading to disaster if they are uninsured.
  2. International Laws Are Not Consistent
    Different countries may have radically different approaches to customs, excise and immigration law. By carrying and insuring your carnet, you can guarantee a consistent right to move freely with your professional goods.
  3. Delays Can Cause Lost Profits
    When a carnet is misplaced or stolen, a company may lose days or even weeks of valuable time. By insuring this precious document with carnet insurance, you can streamline the recovery process and get back in business right away. Just like a personal passport, a carnet is well worth insuring.

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photo credit: Ellbeecee cc