Staffing insurance

Rating Services to Help Your Business


Line rating systems can help you as an MGA, Program Administrator, or Insurance Carrier provide more efficient and cost effective processes for your business. If you need to find an individual or groups’ specific property, liability and crime rating, finding a user-friendly and effective line rating system can give you the information you need to instantly gather information, submit, and receive results quickly. Having a personalized system can help you receive the most accurate and current information.

Company-Wide Service

Having a system that is tailored to your companies’ individual services with policy integration and can access a variety of markets quickly and provide results to those operating the program. Focused on three mail lines of business: property, general liability and crime, each business should be able to customize their individual needs and preferences throughout the program. Data integration throughout all of your network connections and up-to-date quotes and market information can help connect you to as many people as you need, no matter how far.

Uncovering property, general liability or a crime rating can be difficult in itself, but all of the above can be easy to access by finding a professional and established rating service provider. Choosing to update your current software may seem like a hassle, but getting your business functioning efficiently and with real-time information can save you hundreds of hours, and maybe even dollars, in the future.