Protecting Your Investment Property With the Right Insurance

overnight rental insurance in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Chances are if you own an overnight rental property, you have invested a good chunk of money in obtaining and running the dwelling. It is essential to protect your property by purchasing a good insurance plan that is designed specifically for overnight rental insurance in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


Liability Insurance


With tourists frequenting your rental for getaways, you run the risk of damages should someone injure themselves on your property. Liability insurance can help if you need to pay a legal fee or settlement to a customer that claims you are responsible for their injury.


Property Insurance


Because there are probably customers in and out of your rental every few days, it is natural for your property to become damaged by use. Property insurance can help to pay for the wear and tear that comes with the territory as well as the naturally occurring events that can affect any dwelling, such as flood, fire, and earthquake.


Umbrella Policies


For many rental owners, an umbrella policy is the best choice because it can offer protection for more than one property or a property that has a feature deemed to be high-hazard. Landlords often like the flexibility and overall coverage offered by an umbrella policy.


Overnight rental insurance in Chattanooga, Tennessee can provide peace of mind for landlords by allowing them to rest assured that their investment property is covered in the case of an incident or even the effects of everyday use.