Protect Your Valuables Abroad With Personal Jewelry Insurance

Protect Your Valuables Abroad With Personal Jewelry Insurance

Many recently married couples enjoy an exotic honeymoon following their wedding celebration. A chance to explore the world with their new spouse, these vacations can quickly be dampened by the loss of a wedding band or other personal valuables. Especially when traveling internationally, having proper coverage in place can prevent you from suffering unnecessary financial loss. Traditional homeowners policies rarely have the coverage you’ll need to keep your possessions safe overseas; specialized policies like personal jewelry insurance can cover your valuables, even during international travel.

Set Your Own Terms for Coverage

Free from many of the restrictions established by homeowners insurance policies, there are many benefits to individualized coverage for your valuables. Advantages to these plans include assurances for:

  • Protection from theft
  • Loss of pieces in a catastrophe
  • Unexplained loss
  • Missing stones
  • Loss or damage during international travel

Floaters and Stand-Alone Policies

There are two main types of insurance plans when it comes to special coverage for valuables. Floater policies can be added on to existing homeowners insurance as a form of supplemental coverage. Depending on the agency you work with, these policies can cover accidental loss or theft, even if you are abroad at the time of the event. Stand-alone policies are taken out separately from your existing insurance, allowing you to select a company specializing in personal jewelry insurance.
Protect precious memories with specialized coverage for your jewelry. Customized policies can give you peace of mind during international travel and safeguard the valuables you care for most.