Yacht club liability insurance

Protect Your Yacht Club With Liability Insurance

Yacht club liability insurance can help to shelter operators, employees, and members from exposure to risks. Many varieties of commercial insurance coverage exist that could protect yacht clubs from liabilities related to boating accidents, bodily injury, or other property damage.

Any yacht club has unique exposures to risk based on its location and membership that insurance coverage may help to mitigate. Operators should try to make sure that their coverage extends to all the unique types of risk to which they, and their members, might be exposed. Even though claims may rarely be filed, it is better for an operator or member to feel confident that they have sufficient protection to prevent incidents where property damage or a liability risk has occurred from being very costly.

The revenues of a yacht club may be useful for determining the necessary level of liability coverage. Operators should aim to protect both property and people from risk. As the membership of a club grows and the amenities and services offered change, it may be necessary to reassess the risks to which the operator and members are exposed. The right kind of yacht club liability insurance may help to assure operators and members that their persons and investments are secure while docked at the club or out on the water.

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