Protect Against Potential Lawsuits With Employment Practices Insurance

A particularly unwelcome event for any business owner is being sued by current or former employees. It is, of course, the duty of every employer to provide a safe working environment, but when accidents happen or there are few appropriate preventative measures in place, the company itself can be an easy target for lawsuits. The employment practices liability insurance NJ business owners trust provides protection from such law suits.


What is Employment Practices Liability Insurance?


In order for employers to be able to run their business successfully, they must have the power to hire and fire employees that meet their standards. Employees also have the right to expect a fair wage and to work in a place that is free from dangerous or harassing situations. An important aspect of EPLI, or the employment practices liability insurance NJ employers use most, is that it provides risk management to prevent employee discord. However, despite good intentions, many businesses still face the threat of legal action, which is where EPLI comes in. This types of insurance provides coverage for:


  • Damages awarded against your business
  • Legal fees
  • Settlements


Purchasing a Policy


To safeguard your business from potentially expensive legal settlement or court dates, invest in employment practices liability insurance. Speak with a trusted agent to create an EPLI policy that provides the level of protection that is ideal for your business.