Carmel cyber liability insurance

Preventing Cyber Crimes in Your Business

Today’s businesses have to be savvy and think ahead to prevent cyber crimes from occurring. Cyber criminals take advantage of any opportunity to attack your data and information. One important aspect of cyber security is to have Carmel cyber liability insurance to help you with damage control if the worst happens. But you should also take precautions to prevent crimes from occurring. Here are some things your business can do:

  • Restrict access on your systems to only allow the most trusted employees to install software
  • Make software updates immediately when available
  • Install a firewall and anti-virus software
  • Update your O/S regularly
  • Require your employees to change passwords often
  • Use filters to block access to restricted sites
  • Prevent employees from uploading data to the cloud, unless approved by your business
  • Limit access to company information through unapproved devices, such as personal phones and tablets, which are often less secure than business products

The Department of Homeland Security recommends that businesses have a form of Carmel cyber liability insurance that helps mitigate your losses in case you become a target of a cyber crime. You still have to be vigilant about your information. Make sure you give your IT team the resources needed to protect your system. Teach your employees about cyber security and the importance of preventing a cyber crime.