Clifton construction insurance

Pollution Liability

Your Clifton construction insurance may soon need to include pollution liability. The strengthening of environmental regulations and their quick enforcement mean that this type of liability insurance will be required to comply with construction regulations.

Good for Everyone

While good for the environment, pollution liability insurance is good for your business too. Many industries that operate in the construction sphere such as landscapers, contractors, and real estate can benefit from this liability coverage.

What is Covered

With pollution liability insurance in your Clifton construction insurance package, you can protect your company from losses if it is later found of damage, illnesses, or injuries related to construction pollution. Not only will it make sure the victims of the pollution get care and compensation, it will cover pollution clean-up costs and attorney fees to defend your business.

Extra Perks

Not only is your main worksite covered with this insurance, any off-site work areas are covered as well. Pollution incidents that occur suddenly or gradually over time are both covered under this type of policy. A customized policy can be written for you to cover wetland damage, contamination in the air, harmful liquid waste, and many more options. Coverage can even be written for pollution that is revealed long after your enterprise is done. Doing the right thing with your Clifton construction insurance protects both you and the environment.


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