commercial truck cargo insurance

Plan for the Unexpected with Cargo Protection

Trucking companies play an important role in the lives of consumers and the economy. When the unexpected happens and you can’t deliver the goods or they are damaged, commercial truck cargo insurance can help protect your business.

Once a customer hands over their precious cargo, it becomes the responsibility of the trucking company. It is important to determine how much each load of cargo is worth with the customer. This is imperative to know since most policies have a maximum load limit for each truck. If you are under-insured and the cargo is damaged, it could be detrimental to your business.

Careful planning and working with an agent to get the right commercial truck cargo insurance can offer peace of mind in an industry full of unknowns. Items to consider when finding the right coverage include:

  • Fleet size: Since each truck has a maximum load, you will need to insure all vehicles.
  • Type of cargo: Different goods are worth more. Work with customers to develop a contract or bill of lading to establish set cargo values. Be sure your policy will cover this amount.
  • Additional provisions: Your company is unique, so make sure your coverage is too. If goods will be stored while in your care, make sure you are covered in case of fire, theft or other damage.

Commercial truck cargo insurance is a necessity for all trucking companies. Luckily, finding the right coverage to suit your business can be easily done with the help of an insurance expert.