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Non-Owned Auto Liability Insurance – What You Need to Know

A high-quality staffing insurance policy can benefit any agency. This is especially true if your contract employees operate vehicles or equipment owned by other companies. With Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability insurance, your company will be protected if a contract employee causes damage to a vehicle. Many companies require employees to transport goods or materials, and to visit various worksites. If your employment agency works with one of these companies, you should certainly consider purchasing auto liability insurance.

Is This Type of Insurance Necessary?

As everyone knows, automotive accidents can be costly, and having the proper insurance is simply non-negotiable. If you lack non-owned liability insurance, you could be held responsible for automotive damages, destruction of property, and medical bills stemming from a contract employees reckless driving. This particular type of insurance also protects you in the event that the employee causes damage to their own personal vehicle. This is a fairly comprehensive type of insurance, and many agencies feel it is necessary to have.

Finding the Right Coverage

Even the best driver can have an accident every now and again. But with auto liability insurance, you dont have to worry about being bankrupted by the costs. Many of these plans do not even require you to meet a deductible. To find the best policy, simply contact a staffing insurance agency for more information.