Staff insurance

Minimizing Liability Through Good Screening Practices

When you’re hiring people to be temporary staff, your agency has to be aware of all different types of liability and exposure. Staff insurance is one way to give you peace of mind if the worst happens and a claim is made, but you can be proactive in strengthening your application and screening process to protect clients and customers. Here are some tips:

  • Customize the application to suit the position and company
  • Make sure to get work and education histories in writing to discourage misrepresentation
  • Ask about gaps in the continuity of work
  • Don’t rely on CVs or resumes to qualify an individual
  • Check backgrounds, criminal histories, educational claims
  • Don’t take notes that might refer to items which could be considered discrimination, i.e., attire, gender, religious affiliation, physical appearance
  • Make sure you only use background information to disqualify a candidate based on specific jobs, for example, a bad driving record might disqualify someone to be a delivery person, but it would not necessarily apply to someone doing office work

Make sure your staffing agency has done its due diligence when sending out temporary employees. Protect your business with staff insurance to manage your liability in case someone slips through the cracks. Work hard to manage your liability and protect your assets.