Managing Your Courier Business Risks With Insurance

Businesses rely on couriers to deliver important documents and more in the course of their operations. Not all business-related documents can be submitted or received electronically. Couriers need to have reliable and working vehicles. As an owner of a courier or delivery enterprise, your clients and your employees look to you for comprehensive protection against many of the risks associated with your work. Not only do you need to consider damages and losses related to driving on the job, but you also need to think about other potential claims that can compromise your company’s future.

Exploring Courier Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Personal auto policies may provide some basic coverage for your drivers, but it won’t be applicable if you use one or more company vehicles or even an entire fleet. Consider a courier commercial vehicle insurance plan with these features:

  • General Liability – Third-party claims related to property damage and bodily injuries while on the premises
  • Commercial Auto – Protects against liability and physical damage claims while driving on the job
  • Cargo Protection – Covers damages to goods that took place during transit
  • Workers’ Compensation – Illness and injury to employees on the job

Finding the Right Coverage

As the owner of a courier business, it’s important to find an insurer that can come up with a tailored plan that covers all your bases. For example, a client may make a claim against you for losses due to delivery failure. You may need to supplement your policy with additional coverages. Look for an expert to find real solutions for your company.

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