Insurance for California marinas

Make Sure Your Insurance Covers More Than the Boats

It takes more than a lot of boats and some oceanfront property to run a successful marina in California. You have to make sure to adequately insure your marina against accidents, weather and a wide variety of other items. Insurance for California marinas is easy to acquire, but you want to do your homework before you talk to an insurance agent who specializes in marinas. By knowing things like the activities your marina hosts, the number of staff you employ and the size of your land-based buildings when you begin your search for marina insurance, you’re empowering yourself to get the best coverage for your marina. You’re also saving yourself from potential headaches down the road.

Many marina owners think about their boats and yacht club buildings when they look for insurance, but there are other vital areas that need addressing, as well. Insurance for California marinas can provide coverage against legal fees and damages resulting from accidental spillages of fuels and other hazardous materials regardless of how these spills occurred. Your insurance policy can also protect directors and officers from liability arising from when bad things happen at your marina. Smart marinas in California review their marina insurance policies on a regular basis to ensure their coverage grows in pace with their marina.